Uncorked Ventures started about a decade ago. Times change. It’s time to change with them.

I’ve been considering how to keep up with the times so to speak for some time. Covid-19 is an extinction level event for small wineries, exactly the types of wineries I started Uncorked Ventures to help.

To really help I’ll have to adapt and change with the times. For the next few months, I’ll be away and figuring out exactly what that looks like. It won’t look like before, because it can’t and it shouldn’t.

My view of the wine industry hasn’t changed. First, yes it’s a hard business. Second, about the nicest and best group of people I’ve ever been around are those who are drawn to it, from winemakers to those that work at wineries.

Over the coming months, I’ll be talking to people about how to help and what Uncorked Ventures should look like in order to do so.